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You will not miss any event

App. Description

You will not miss any event

Today you can follow all  Technology company and show theirs location and theirs rated 


Just like you, we were tired of always hearing about events after they were done. Waking up in the morning and hearing that everybody just went to events  that you never heard is always a strange feeling. Did you wake up in another dimension?


Application to mange all the celebrations and events , to combine all the interested people in one pool of information, users can navigate various categorize of events and to show events details (e.g event location – event description – starting, ending date and time), with the facility to get the location directions or to save the register the event date/ time to your local calendar.

  • ClientHEXA
  • Industrymobile application
  • Servicescollect IT companies and show theirs location and theirs rated
  • Toolsslack - trello - whatsApp
  • LanguagesHTML5 - CSS - Jquery - PHP Laravel - Java Android - iOS swift
The App. Featured
  • Fashionable design
  • Ease of use
  • Ease of searching and accessing information
  • Add events to favorites for later access
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