Go Book App.

A social application that contains a wide range of book categories

App. Description

A social application that contains a wide range of book categories

Social application aims to create a social communication between people interested in the participation and sale of digital books where the application allows the participation of files and through the interpersonal and interpersonal feedback and communication


The book is a window through which we look to the world, ”says the Chinese proverb. With the advancement of technology, it is now possible to carry your window with you wherever you go. Smartphones and tablets made it easy to read books anywhere. So you can carry your library with you wherever you are, and take advantage of your time and enjoyment.

But choosing the right book for you based on the reviews of Arab readers is rare


The application provides a distinguished and effective experience for reading lovers to share their favorite books with others and explore new and unique books that suit their interests.
The application is a bladder for a mini social network for book and reading lovers so that it can get accurate recommendations from other people instead of relying on random recommendations via algorithms.
The application also allows the ability to share the most prominent moments of reading and share it with others, such as sharing some important quotes from a specific book with the ability to add the quotation for a specific image and apply visual effects on it and then publish it.

Through the application, it is possible to follow people interested in reading and get their latest posts up-to-date, in addition to creating lists of favorite books or searching for new books and reading the opinions of users about them and participating in the ongoing discussions about them or adding a detailed review of a specific book and other advantages.

  • ClientHEXA
  • IndustryMobile Application
  • ServicesA social media platform between readers
  • Toolsslack - trello - whatsApp
  • LanguagesPHP Laravel - Java Android - iOS swift
The App. Featured
  • Easy and attractive design
  • Easy access to digital books
  • Powerful search engine
  • Read the digital files through the application
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