Debates App

mobile app makes any two persons have a debate

App. Description

mobile app makes any two persons have a debate

a social mobile application  that allows  people to discuss and have a debate with each other for social development with ideas and seeing the other side. and The audience can watch the debate live and like or dislike the sayes in the debate


Promote the concept of dialogue, listening and the spirit of partnership between users in addition to making use of the best time to communicate the information.


Facilitating the users in their debates and finding the basis for dialogue and debate on issues of concern to the nation, such as belonging, citizenship, accepting the other opinion, youth, the country, as well as general, scientific, cultural, technology and social media platforms.

  • ClientHEXA
  • IndustryMobile Application
  • ServicesInterpersonal debate
  • Toolsslack - trello - whatsApp
  • LanguagesHTML5 - CSS - Jquery - PHP Laravel - Java Android - iOS swift
The App. Featured
  1. Provides a special platform for the spectators
  2. Saves privacy in conversations.
  3. High-quality technique.
  4. Can be shared via social media.
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