Elmaaly Association

Elmaaly Association For Community Change

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Elmaaly Association For Community Change

Is A Qatari Independent Charitable Society That Works Primarily To Raise Awareness Among Students In General Of The Importance Of Academic Education And Their Involvement In It For Real Societal


A site to facilitate registration in scholarships and courses and display news in an interactive and distinct way


Preparing a site that allows students to enroll in scholarships and courses with ease

Facilitating the decision-makers in the society by choosing students through a system of points that were taught electronically

  • ClientElmaaly Association
  • IndustryWebsite
  • ServicesWorking primarily to raise awareness among students of the importance of academic education
  • Toolsslack - trello - whatsApp
  • LanguagesHTML5 - CSS - Jquery - PHP Laravel
The App. Featured
  • Ease of use
  • Distinctive design
  • The speed of navigation between pages
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