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Enjaz app

The application draws people with experience in professional fields from all over the Arab world


If you are looking for home cleaning services or any home maintenance services, and you cannot find the right and professional person to do the hard work for you.


 a new and advanced concept in the management of various maintenance services, where information technology is used in the management and coordination of the relationship between the service provider and the customer through the implementation of the existing on the electronic stores and it allows the customer to maintain his property from the buildings and equipment and provide him with the effort and reduce the cost and follow up weekly and monthly ,.


  • ClientEnjaz For Maintenance
  • IndustryMobile Application
  • Services..Providing technical services via mobile application
  • Toolsslack - trello - whatsApp
  • LanguagesHTML5 - CSS - Jquery - PHP Laravel - Java Android - iOS swift
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