What is a server and what are the types of host servers?


the server is a computer with high capability components which has the task of managing information resources available on a network consisting of computer devices, photocopying machines, telephones etc.

Servers have multiple uses which differ according to the types of pre-installed programs determining the server’s work environment. Therefore, the type of required server must be determined first to provide the programs suitable for it.

What are the main types of host servers?

Dedicated server

It is an integrated unit that works on serving one company or one person. It is one of the best and most expensive types and is used by major institutions, companies and websites to achieve the largest amount of security and privacy.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

A VPS means to divide the server into multiple virtual servers and each VPS is sold separately. All users share the same server capabilities such as (storage unit, RAM and information processor) and this server has the same advantages of a dedicated server, which is why it has been named a virtual server.

Application Server

It provides a work environment suitable for operating applications and games. It has different types due to the variety of applications and programming languages such as applications produced using Java or PHP. Therefore, an application server must be chosen to be compatible with the programming language.

Web Server

A device containing programming files for websites. It receives and processes incoming requests from the network (through the users’ browsers) and provides pages containing the website’s content. The service provided by this type of servers is named website hosting.

Email Server

A device responsible for receiving and sending emails from and to the same domain or any other domain. It also stores the files concerned with the emails.

File Transfer Protocol Server (FTP)

A server device used to exchange computer files through a network (usually the Internet) in a way that allows restricting access to those files and controlling users’ access of the files present on the server.

Database Server

A server device containing a program for database management that provides database service to the other servers or to computer devices connected to the network.

Domain Name System Server (DNS)

A server device responsible for translating domain names into Internet Protocol Addresses (IP Addresses) and vice versa. It has uses in local networks (LAN) and the Internet network.

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