What is a server and what types of hosting servers?


The server is a computer with high-capacity components; its main task is to manage the information resources available on the network such as computers, printer, telephones etc.

The server has multiple uses that differs depending on the types of programs which are pre-installed to determine the working environment of the servers. Thus, you must first identify the needs from the server to provide the appropriate software

The most important types of hosting servers :

Dedicated server

An integrated unit that works to serve one company or one person. It is considered to be the most expensive and the best type of servers. It is used by institutions, companies and major sites in order to achieve maximum security and privacy.

Virtual Privet Server

VPS It means splitting the server into more than one virtual server and each VPS is sold separately. Therefore, all users will be sharing the capabilities of the server from (storage-random memory (RAM)-data processor). This is why it is called a virtual server for its privileges as a complete server.

Application Server

It provides an appropriate work environment for running applications and games. There are different types of this server with a diversity of programming languages such as applications made through Java or PHP. Therefore, you must choose a server application that is compatible with the programming language.

Web Server

A device that contains software files for Web sites, so that it receives and processes requests coming from the network (through user browsers), and provides pages with the content of the Web site. The provided service in this type of servers is called web hosting.

Email server

A device that is responsible for receiving and sending emails to and from the same domain or any other domain, as well as storing files of the e-mail.

FTP server

A server that is used to exchange computer files through the network and often the internet. Thus, you can determine access permissions for files and control users ' access to the files on the server.

Databases Server

A server that contains a database management program, and provides database service to other servers or networked computers.

DNS Server

It is a server device that is responsible for translating domain names to IP address and vice versa and has access to local area networks (LAN) and the Internet.

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