Top 4 valuable brands in 2018


Competition increases annually between the world’s largest companies to achieve the largest value for their brands. However, tech companies came top of the list in the 2018 Interbrand rankings as four tech companies occupied the first four positions.

"Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind", Walter Landor

No. 1 Most Valuable Brand: “Apple”

Brand value: 214 billion USD.

Position in previous year: 2

The US “Apple” company topped the list of best brands in the world for 2018 as the value of its brand increased by 8% reaching 182.8 billion USD. “Apple” alone, thanks to the loyalty of its supporters and its solid client base, can price its phone at around 999 USD and sell around 29 million of it in less than two months, as it did at the end of 2017. The company was able to make a quarter of those sales in China, proving the global reach of the company according to Canalys research.

No. 2 Most Valuable Brand: “Google”

Brand value: 155 billion USD

Position in previous year: 1

“Google” retreated from first to second place at a value of 132.1 billion USD and an increase of 30%. 
Google’s role is not limited to its infamous most globally widespread search engine. It also attracts other growth markets to the left and right of the market spectrum.
Google is a leading company in the fields of internet searching, cloud storage, mobile phone operation systems and mobile phone devices. However, like Apple, its focus on specific sectors prevents it from unlocking the full potential of its brand.

No. 3 Most Valuable Brand: “Amazon”

Brand value: 101 billion USD

Position in previous year: 3

“Amazon” has built an unparalleled commercial brand and has risen to being among the top 20 brands with an increase in brand value of 45%. Somehow, it has risen above the clouds with its base of more than 100 million main members.
This massive rise in Amazon’s brand value was caused by its use of technology expertise to expand into several new fields with broad technological categorizations such as home recreation, internet hosting, home automation, music, mobile phones, audio books, live coverage, artificial intelligence and home security.

No.4 Most Valuable Brand: “Microsoft”

Brand value: 93 billion USD

“Microsoft” began the year strong in 2018 due mainly to its cloud services, considered second to Amazon’s. However, it remains much weaker than its competitors, Apple and Google.
The “Microsoft” brand is connected essentially to its Windows operation system and its Office program. However, it has quickly pivoted itself around its cloud storage services and its hybrid cloud computing platform.  

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