The worst marketing mistakes


Marketing is an essential process for the success of any product or service provided to the success of companies depends mostly on the success of the marketing campaigns by the company. There are many mistakes by companies in their marketing campaigns, which have serious consequences for start-ups, large companies, and giants

Marketing is not the art of devising intelligent methods for the disposal of what is produced, but the art of generating the highest value to customers. Philip Kotler

 Philip Kotler identifies ten major reasons that are serious marketing errors :
1. Lack of focus and direction of companies towards marketing and targeting customers adequately
2. Lack of understanding and understanding of the institution to its target customers, in terms of needs and changes that they experience.
3. Failure of the company to follow up and monitor the conditions of its competitors, thus delaying them, and keep up with any developments.
4. Mismanagement of the institution for its relations with its shareholders, either by ignoring them completely or by focusing on their requirements without others.
5. The company is unable to find new opportunities, identify them and seize them, such as any new technological development, or any new markets, or even any gaps or vacuum left by the company left the market.
6. Deficiencies and errors in the marketing planning procedures, such as the wrong understanding of the market or its mechanisms.
7. Lack of production policies or customer service, which misses any marketing efforts undertaken by the institution
8. Weak efforts and efforts of the company to create the brand and delivery to customers.
9. Haven't organized the institution well, so it will be reflected in the marketing efforts.
10. Not to exploit technological development adequately, which helps to deteriorate the company's ranking in the list of successful companies keeping pace with development and improve the exploitation of the benefit.
We'll remind you of the worst situations a business can go through, to formulate a warning phrase for entrepreneurs: Be more careful in monitoring your opportunities, opportunities in your hand, or the moment of decision making.
• 20th century Fox is one of the world's largest studios, responsible for producing and distributing a world-class collection of world-class films. Executive management of 20th Century Fox has made a decision that can only be described as very short-sighted, Has signed an agreement to grant all rights related to the famous Star Wars movies - which have not yet been released - to George Lucas, creator and director of the series only for $ 20,000. The result is that George Lucas' expected profit from this agreement - estimated today that it exceeded three billion dollars Li least, making this decision a global model of the concept of the disastrous decision short-sighted between the enormous long-standing company and between one person.
• In 1876, Western Union was pursuing a policy of monopolizing all-new telecom products and companies as soon as they appeared, led by the long-standing Telegraph, which generated huge profits. In that period, a new offer was made to Western Union to buy the full rights of a new invention called the phone for only $ 100,000 - now $ 2 million - but the company's president, William Orton, considered the idea of the new invention too silly , The result that a few years later, the phone - which the president of Western Union called "useless electric game" - the cornerstone for the launch of a completely different picture of the movement of the evolution of all mankind. Western Union tried to correct its deadly mistake, and spent many years trying to challenge the invention Graham Bell or negotiated him again, but every attempt It failed.

• In 1985, Coca-Cola celebrated its 100th anniversary as the world's leading soft drink market leader. In its first 100 years of self-renewal, it changed its brand from Coca-Cola to Coca-Cola, "Coke" also changed the secret description of the drinks gas, which was the basis of its fame and after many experiments spent large budgets to ensure that the taste and flavor of the new drinks better than the traditional flavor.
 Just three months after Coca-Cola announced its centennial strategy to change its trademark and brand name, the company retreated entirely from this mistaken decision and returned to its usual brand and brand that lasted for 100 years in line with consumers' desire. Pull all-new Cookie boxes out of the market.
Interestingly, the company expected consumers to like the flavor of the new drink. All the taste tests of the testers - the taste of the new drink - were very positive, and she predicted that the new drink would sweep the market and be a new shift in the company's history.

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