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A website is a group of webpages located in the same location and accessed trough a main page named the website. Websites on the Internet are usually created by companies, governments or individuals.

The launching point of creating a website is the planning phase which is also the most important stage. What will your desired website present? What language will be used to create it? And who will be the professional team who will build and design your website? As well as many other questions that will come to your mind.

As a business owner, how can I own a successful website?

The planning process of building (or rebuilding) a website is sometimes obscure or absent. Whether it is required as an official company website or a website for an independent campaign or project related to a company, the planning phase of a website is one of the most important phases of its preparation.

Principles of a successful website

Main objective:

Setting the objective from building your project’s website is the first step to its success. The objective of the website must be clear before beginning to design it.

Target group:

Who will you be directing your website to and who will be the group you will be addressing? This all needs to be clear while planning the site as the nature of the target group helps you determine the content style you will be using.

Website adaptability:

The website must adapt to all used devices and the content must become larger or smaller according to the size of the screen used by the person browsing the site, especially in this age of mobile phone browsing.

Good content:

Focus should be given to using high quality powerful content capable of returning the website visitor to the site several times or even making him a regular visitor. Publishing quality content on a regular basis would lead search engines to raise the rank of your webpages in search results and would ensure that you have exclusive, renewed and attractive content capable of raising readers’ interaction.


Some features are important and useful in increasing interaction with your site and in facilitating contact with your followers. These include clear social media icons, clear social media sharing buttons, clear contact forms, clear registration/ volunteering forms and clear sitemaps.
Improving your website’s position in search engines:
To facilitate access to your website, pay large attention to using methods that would improve your website’s position in search result lists.

Website maintenance:

When designing a new website for your project, there will usually be two costs, the initial design cost and the site maintenance and update costs. If the website is designed using ready-to-use templates provided by well-known platforms such as WordPress and Drupal, maintenance and updating will usually be simple and performed internally. However, if the website is designed using special programming, maintenance will need a programmer who is aware of the website’s programming details.

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