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A bunch of web pages that are in one place and accessed the home page and designed on the internet by companies, institutions, or individuals are called a website.

In creating a website, the starting point is the most important point and the first step in preparing the website is the planning. What is the purpose of your website? In which language will it be? And choosing the team members who will work on it, are the questions that will come to your mind.

As a business owner How I can own a successful website?

The planning process for building any website or “rebuilding it “ is usually ambiguous or not existed. Whether the website is the official company website or a temporary landing page for a campaign or independent project following the mother company, the planning phase will be one of the most important phases the website will pass through.  

Fundamentals of a successful website:

Main goal:

Determining the main purpose of building the website is the first successful step so that it is important to mention the main purpose before the design phase.    

Targeted audience:

It is important to choose the targeted audience and who are addressed by the website in the planning process. Defining the targeted audience will help you to be specific when you build your website content.

Website appropriateness:

The website should be appropriate for all devices with the ability to zoom in and out the content depending on the screen size used by the user. It is a necessary advantage in the smartphone browsing era.

Good content:

Focusing on creating the best content will lead your website to be attractive to the users and let them visit your website frequently. If you publish a distinctive content this will raise your website rank on the search results. Also, it will guarantee that your exclusive and attractive content will increase your website visitors.


There are many features that can be useful for your website and will increase engagement and facilitate connecting with your followers such as the clarity of social media icons, sharing content icons in social media accounts, clear and simple registration, volunteering forms, and sitemap.

SEO strategy:

For easy access to your website, you have to be sure to apply all the means that increases the visibility in search engine results to be in the first pages.

Website Maintenance:

There are two costs involved when you start designing a new website for your project: the first one is related to the design and the second one is related to the maintenance and upgrading. Therefore, if the website has been built using famous platforms such as WordPress or Drupal, maintenance and upgrading will be easy and can be done internally. Yet, if the website has been built under specific software language you will need a specialist programmer who is immersed in programming.  

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