What is Chatbot?


"Bots" word is used in several different digital fields, but the robots we are talking about today are "Chatbots". It is a service managed by a set of rules and sometimes by artificial intelligence or  by humans interacting with a graphical chat interface. This service may already be functional or just fun for some people. The robots coexist based on social networking and chat services like Facebook Messenger, Telegram and Slack applications or text messaging.

These chat robots have not been around for a while. There was a robot named ELIZA developed by Joseph Wiesenbaum, in 1966, which simulated a psychologist who would answer questions by writing to him, as if you were in a real chat with him.

The goals of these robots varies according to their design, but they are usually used in chat systems for different practical purposes like: customer service, information gathering, or the provision of different services. There are several ways to build and design your own chat robot to help you improve your business performance and attract your customers.

The most important use of Chatbot is in customer services. Rather than hiring a customer service representative to answer questions, customers can ask a Chatbots and get the answer at the same time, at any time of the day and throughout the week. Given the importance of customer service in the business world, this type of bots can make a big difference in determining who can win the competition and win the market for him.

With these huge numbers of chatbots, it is expected that the way people interact with different companies will change over the Internet. By 2025, this technology is expected to create 12.7 million jobs for the construction and training of robots and automated programs.

There are two types of bots

The first type performs some tasks depending on a set of rules. This type responds to your interaction with very limited responses according to orders known in advance from the developer or programmer. If you say something wrong, it will not understand you because it is intelligent only by the programmed level.

The second type is a somewhat advanced version that uses artificial intelligence to develop its responses. It performs some tasks using artificial intelligence as it has an artificial mind which does not require a certain speech. It understands your language and does not only follow the commands, but also continues to increase its intelligence whenever it speaks with different people.

Bots may be simple in their front end, but it requires a lot of experience to reach a great user experience. There are analyzes, flow optimization, platform integration as well as a linguistic debugger, accurate understanding of neural programming

Does building a special bot require to be an expert in artificial intelligence?

No, it does not take an expert to build a special bot for your site. There are platforms that do this for you, but it may not be completely intelligent or it is not yet. However, there has been considerable progress in the field of artificial intelligence in the recent period. Everyone who has even a simple experience in programming is able to reach some level of artificial intelligence in the development of there products.


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