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The term “bots” is used in various digital contexts. However, the bots we are referring to here are named “chatbots”. Chatbots is a service managed based on a group of principles, sometimes with the use of AI, in which humans interact through a digital chatting interface. The service may be occupational or merely for fun and bots coexist through one of the social media services or chat applications such as Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Slack or SMS.

Chatbots were not created recently as a chatbot named ELIZA was developed by Joseph Weizenbaum, an American computer scientist, in 1966. This invention was used to imitate the personality of a therapist whose task was to answer questions directed to him as if you were chatting with him in real life.

The function of such bots differs according to the designer. However, they are usually used in chat systems for various practical objectives such as customer service, data collection or other services. Due to their functional importance, there are several methods used to create and design your own chatbots to help you improve your work performance and attract clients.

It is noticed that the largest and most important use of chatbots is for customer service. Instead of employing a customer service representative to answer questions and enquiries, customers can ask the chatbot and receive an answer instantly 24/7. And due to the importance of customer service in the world of business nowadays, this type of bots can make a large difference in determining who will tilt the competition to his side and gain the largest share of the market. 

With this large number of chatbots available, the way people interact with various companies through the internet is expected to change. By 2025, this technology is predicted to have created 12.7 million jobs in the area of building and training robots and automated programs.

There are two types of chatbots:

The first type implements some tasks based on a number of principles. It responds to your interactions with very limited answers based on pre-known orders programmed by the developer or programmer. If you say something incorrectly, it will not understand it as its intelligence is restricted to its level of programming.

The second type is a fairly advanced copy and uses AI to develop its responses. This means that it implements some orders using AI and also has an artificial mind that does not require you to speak certain words for it to understand you. Therefore, it understands your language and does not follow orders only but also continues to develop its intelligence the more it speaks to different people.
Chatbots may have simple front interfaces but they need extensive testing to provide you with great user experience. Tests include analyses, influx improvement, platform integration, as well as linguistic error correction and careful understanding of neuro-linguistic programming. 

Does the creation of a bot for your business require an AI expert?

No, the creation of a bot for your website does not require an expert as platforms are available to do this for you. However, these bots cannot be described as completely intelligent as it is too early for that. Nonetheless, progress has been noticed lately in the area of AI and anyone with simple programming experience would be able to achieve a fair level of artificial intelligence when developing his products.

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