Foundations of graphic design


The design is a process of collecting items and processing all you need to address, measure, and the modification  needed to produce something new and distinctive. Something that performs its tasks and meets the goal of its design.  Nowadays, design has become important in our life as it enters many areas of life.

Graphic Design: is a wide range of knowledge branches, concerned with visual creativity, and includes many aspects such as technical output, print design, typesetting and design pages, information technology, and other creative aspects. This diversity means that there are fragmented areas where designers can specialize.

The main function of the graphic designer is to design visual elements that can be used on the Internet or for printing purposes such as  site plans, posters, brochures, flyers or ad campaigns.

There are fundamental elements that a graphic designer must be aware of :


Fonts usually exist in every design and create many visible effects. Every font indicates a specific explanation for example straight fonts indicates quietness & settledness. On the other hand, the opposite fonts indicate activity, energy and motility.


The second element is the most used in website designing. It is a group of lines beside each other creates different shapes such as circles, squares, Triangles or other shapes.  Patterns , like the fonts, are also related with the human brain in different ways. For example, circles are related with motility and nature while squares related with  basic structural designs.


The materials may look like solid-colored backgrounds, but when you take a closer look, you may observe small but effective differences. Materials patterns include paper, gravel, concrete, bricks, fiber and natural elements that are between dull or soft colors. Materials can also be accurate or prominent, and used moderately or by impregnation; they can work with almost anything.  Materials can completely alter the shape of the site even if it seems unimportant since it provides a completely different visual appearance.


The most important factor that gives the strongest visual effect from one glimpse. Color is clear and does not need specific skills to notice it. Despite the many of colors and inability to limit it, there is a major classification: cold colors: shades of blue, shades of green, Hot colors: shades of red & yellow.

Based on the previous the basics colors are; red, yellow, blue, and other colors will be produced by blending them together so that we get the secondary colors.

As for  the white, it is not considered as a color but only a ray, while we can get the black color after  blending  specific colors together.  


Value determine if the design will be dark or light, so it is responsible for light value falling on the specific area. Only black and white ads have a higher light value than others, whenever black increase , the less light will be .  


The area is a very important element in the design because of its role in clarifying the dimensions of the design and the forms that make up and adds great importance to the blocks as required by helping to re-establish and give the expression to it.

White spaces (also called negative spaces) have become widely used because they allow the eye to read more easily. If the design of the page contains many negative spaces, this gives light and an open feeling. Otherwise, the design becomes old fashioned and scattered.

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  • Diana Thomas

    The fonts in site are not suitable for articles You talk about fonts and your site does not apply it



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    Nice article

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