Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means a set of techniques and steps to be taken to create the site for search engines and archiving to improve its visibility on the front pages of the search engines and issue the first results for On the largest number of visits, users and customers who are looking for services provided by your site.

The process of archiving sites is important to ensure the goal of site creation and mainly help archive the site:

• Identify the engines on the site to direct visitors to the site after typing keywords in the search bar.

• Bring new visitors to the site, when the website is archived in a correct and sound manner that increases the rate of new visitors to the site.

• Archiving sites from the most powerful and effective electronic marketing tools, because they target the client directly through the semantic phrases and keywords that visitors are looking for.

• Archiving websites are useful for bloggers to promote their writings.

• Helps entrepreneurs build their brands.

It's starting with choosing a site name. There’s a relationship between the content and the name of the website It has to do with the search engine filtering of the site in the first pages.

SEO divided into two parts, On-page & Off-page.


• Title threads, H1, H2.

• Captions for descriptions of images and links (alt).

• Internal links to articles and topics Internal links.

• The lack of corrupt codes that have no significance and size of the added images and that makes the site quick.

• Facilitate the search process by creating a file with all the links of the site and this is called Sitemap.

• The content of the page must be unique and not copied from other sites.

• Employ the camel and the research words used by the visitor to reach his desired research.

• Writing the appropriate META tag for the site is one of the main factors in archiving the website.


Processes that we do off-site to gain the confidence of search engines, such as external links, but they must be in the correct way. Most of the methods used on OFF PAGE are illegal from the point of view of the search engines. Because the base OFF PAGE SEO is to get links to your site in other sites, and from the search engine's point of view it is unacceptable for the site owner to make his own external links to his website, but the external links are obtained through the Internet users, if the site offers useful content will circulate Users automatically (from Google's point of view). But what is actually happening is that, if the owner of the site who wants to create a website for the search engines rely on the users to get external links, they will not be able to appear in advanced results because most of the sites in the first rank do not follow Google guidelines in this part.

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