Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means optimizing a website for search engines. In more detail, it is a group of techniques and steps carried out in the aim of optimizing a website and archiving it to improve its appearance in the top pages of search engines to obtain the largest number of visits by users and clients searching for the services provided by the website.

The process of website archiving is important in achieving the objective of launching the website, especially the following:

Introducing the website to search engines to gear visitors directly to the site upon typing the key words in the search bar.
Introducing new visitors to the website as when the site is archived correctly, this will increase the rate of new visitors entering the site.

Website archiving is one of the most powerful and most effective methods of e-marketing as it targets the client directly through the tags and keywords he uses.

Website archiving helps bloggers promote their writings.
Website archiving helps entrepreneurs promote their brands.

The optimization of a website for archiving begins by selecting the website’s name. The presence of a relationship between the content and the name affects the search engine’s nomination of the site in its top pages.

SEO can be divided into two types: On-page and Off-page.


Title, H1 , H2
Clarifying names to describe the images and links (alt).
Internal links for articles and topics.
-    The absence of corrupt and unimportant data and selecting image sizes that make the website load faster.
-    Facilitating the search process by creating a file that includes all of the website’s links (sitemap).
-    The website’s content must be unique and not copied from other sites.
-    The search words and sentences used by the user should be employed to enable him to reach his target.
-    Writing a meta tag suitable for the website is one of the main factors involved in archiving the site.


They are the processes carried out outside the website to gain the trust of search engines such as external links. These methods need to be used correctly as most methods used in OFF PAGE are considered illegal from the point of view of search engines. The basis for OFF PAGE (SEO) is to obtain links for your website from other websites. From the perspective of search engines, it is unacceptable for a website owner to create external links for his site himself as these external links should be obtained through internet users. So, if the website provides useful content, users will circulate it automatically (from Google’s perspective). However, what happens in reality is different as should a site owner who would like to optimize his site for search engines rely on users to obtain external links, he would not be able to appear at the top of search results because most websites at the top do not follow Google’s instructions in this regard.

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