What is the UI/UX designs? What is the relationship between them?


The design is an art and creativity that made of ideas gained through observation.  Along with the technological progress, the design functions have become one of the most jobs needed, which are divided into many fine disciplines, including web design, mobile application design, graphic design, and interior design.

In the Web world, customer satisfaction with the designs is assured by providing a range of interfaces that the user benefits and comforts while using it, this is called the UI and UX.

What's the definition of each of them, and what the difference between them

First: User Interface (UI)

It’s the interfaces that are displayed on the screen; the end product that is displayed to the user and which is considered to be used easily without complications and in a simple and effective way without forcing  the user to have much focus. This concept is not limited to the design of websites.  It is about everything that is related to the user and the things that he uses daily such as programs, operating systems, and computers. The purpose of the UI designer is to try to understand the user as much as possible. Also,  it focuses on what the user likes and what to avoid in order to improve the interface, taking into account simplicity and efficiency when using.

A good user interface is the one in which tasks are easily terminated. The graphic design and output of the content is one of the most important supporters in improving the design and final output to attract users. It must maintain the balance between the actual technical functions and aesthetic designs in the interface, to access the system  which is not only operational but also usable and adaptable to the needs of users.

Second: User Experience(UX)

The user experience is simply designing projects  taking into account the behavior, attitude, and sense of the user about using it as a specific product, system or service. The main challenge for the user experience designer is to know the user's expectations and find effective solutions to his or her forms. In other words, to dive into the user's mind to find out what he wants and what he doesn't want.

The user experience designer should take into account the following points:

  1. Easy user access to the site.
  2. The user can easily signing up in the site.
  3. Design a website that develops the user's confidence and desire to access it.
  4. Free from all difficulties and easy to use.
  5. Showing site services in a way that reflects to the user that he is in the right place.

User interface and user experience are two great concepts and can be applied in all designs. the relationship between them is an integrative relationship where you cannot build an interface based on the user experience without resorting to the user interface.  Therefore, HEXA information technology company works to integrate its output in the design to make a UX interface that is easy and simple to ease the direct use of the application. Moreover,  it takes into consideration the user interface through the production of a graphical interface with modern technologies and designs, which meet the client's expectations of access to users.

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