What are UI and UX Designs and what is the relationship between them?


Designing is a creative art that results from the flow of ideas which have been acquired through observation. With technological development, there has been a large demand for design jobs worldwide. This domain can be divided into many specific sub specializations such as website design, mobile application design, graphic design and internal design.
In the world of the web, client satisfaction related to design is achieved through providing a group of interfaces benefiting the user and making him feel comfortable while using them. This is referred to as UI and UX. So, what is the definition of each one and what is the difference between them?

1-    User Interface (UI)

The user interface is the group of interfaces displayed on the screen. It is the final product presented to the user which takes into consideration easy use without any complexities in an effective way that does not require high concentration. This concept is not restricted to website design but also includes everything related to the user and the things he uses on a daily basis such as programs, operating systems and computers etc. The objective of a UI designer is to try to understand the user as best as possible and to focus on the things the user likes. He must also identify the things which must be avoided to improve the interface while taking simplicity and effective use into account.
A good user interface finalizes tasks easily. Also, graphic design and content production are the most important support areas that help improve design and achieve final production that attracts users. However, balance must be maintained between the actual technical functions and the aesthetic designs of the interface leading to a system that not only processes operations but is also usable and adaptable to user needs. 

2-    User Experience (UX)

User experience can simply be defined as project design taking into consideration the behavior, position and feelings of the user towards using a specific product, system or service. The main challenge facing the designer of a user experience is to identify the user’s expectations and to find effective solutions to his problems, in other words, to dive deep into the user’s mind to identify what he wants and what he does not want.
A user experience designer must take the following points into consideration:
-    The user’s easy reach to the website.
-    The user’s easy access of the website.
-    Designing a website that raises the user’s confidence and desire to access it.
-    Designing a website that is free of all difficulties and complexities and which is easy to use. 
-    To display the website’s services which tells the user he is in the right place.

UI and UX are two large concepts which can be applied to all designs. The relationship between them is complementary as no interface depending on user experience can be built without resorting to the user interface. Therefore, HEXA works on integrating its design outputs to produce a UX interface that is simple, direct, easy to use, comfortable and beneficial to the user. The user interface shall also take into account producing a digital interface using advanced technology and modern designs that meet the client’s aspirations in reaching users.

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