The best programming languages in 2018


With this massive development in technology came more demand on software which has entered every small detail of our lives. This has led to an increasing demand on programming skills and has made knowledge of at least one programming language a great addition to any professional portfolio. There has become a need for programming in all fields and due to the different uses of software, we have noticed a variety of languages which create different types of software. We have chosen for you ten of the best programming languages we provide.

Regardless how much programming languages differ from each other and however much they have developed, they are all based on one principle, rational logical thinking and nothing else. You cannot jump three meters from your first attempt as you need to train first and work out the best ways to reach such a distance using one jump only.


It has topped the list of best programming languages for the year 2018 as it can be operated using most modern browsers and supports both object-oriented programming and procedural programming. Nowadays, JavaScript can be used to create mobile phone applications, web applications and even desktop applications. ES6 or ES2015 is the latest version and it has remarkable features.


It is one of the most powerful high-level programming languages and is used on a wide scale for general use programming. It was created by Guido van Rossum and is used by applications such as YouTube, Dropbox and Google.


The Java programming language gained its popularity from the Android operating system, which is the most popular mobile phone operating system in the world, as well as being an open source project. Java is a programming language and computing platform first issued by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It has general purposes and is synchronized and programmed through a class method. It also has an object orientation and is designed specially to implement the least amount of dependencies.


Most programming languages depend on C++ as its method and structure have been copied to other languages such as Java, C#, JavaScript, etc. This powerful language can be used to create applications that work on central processing units (CPU), mobile phone applications, games and desktop applications.


C language remains to be taught in some of the most famous universities worldwide. Despite not being a high-level programming language, many people master it to help them learn other programming languages.


C# is Microsoft’s main language and is used to develop office computers, mobile phones and games using the Unity program. This language is fairly old and was first issued at the beginning of the millennium. However, it has witnessed many developments which have enabled it to remain as a player among strong competitors in many fields.


It is the main approved language for the (macOS), (iOS), (watchOS) and (tvOS) operation systems and it is used for general purposes, has many styles and is a compiled programming language developed by Apple.  


It is one of the most popular server-side programming languages developed for general purposes and especially suitable for server-side web development. In such web development, PHP works on the web server and is used to write applications such as (WordPress), (Joomla), (Drupal) and (Facebook). 


Kotlin is a modern language which first appeared in 2011 at the hands of the well-known JetBrains Company. It was announced in 2017 during (Google I/O), an annual developer conference held by Google as the second officially supported language for the development of Android applications, alongside Java. This language is expected to grow and expand during the current year as more and more developers are depending on it in their projects at the expense of Java. Developers benefit from its high efficiency and high speed of implementation which distinguish it from other languages.

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